Our creative, business-driven approach enables us to initiate, test and fine-tune ideas into one-of-a-kind properties that add value to an urban environment. We leverage program, design, construction, and marketing solutions to position a property that is distinctly differentiated in the marketplace. We understand the complexity of the development process, allowing us to ensure goals are met and the ultimate return on investment achieved.
1 Setting the Concept
  • Market Analysis / Code Analysis / Zoning / FAR Summary
  • Generate Relevant Testing Reports: Soils, Environmental, As-Built, Utility Summary
  • Evaluate Public Sector Financing and/or Incentives
  • Entitlement Opportunity
  • Test Fitting
  • Taste Testing/Theme Exploration
  • Resource Allocation
  • Internal Ideation/Program
  • Underwriting
  • Goal Setting
Building a
For each development, Urban Muse assembles a team that understands and respects the project goals and vision. Since diligence and compatibility are critical, we carefully construct a team of experienced legal, design and construction consultants to match creative and business needs, ensuring a successful, visionary product. We have the flexibility and wherewithal to manage, guide, review, and troubleshoot each development phase.
2 Creating the Platform
  • Balance Design and Financial Objectives
  • Implement Legal Strategy to Protect Urban Muse and Partner / Investor Capital
  • Analyze Development Delivery Mode (CMG / GMP / STIP SUM / Design Build)
  • Execute an RFP (Request for Pricing) Process to Select Project Team
  • Determine Design Lead / Architect
  • Review Relevant Experiences of Each Team Member
  • Review Financial Histories
  • Review References and Visit Completed Projects
  • Identify Primary / Secondary Consultants
  • Initiate Contracts with Clearly Defined Scope & Roles/Responsibilities
  • Define Schedule with Milestones
  • Define Goals
  • Finalize Acquisition / Financing / Terms & Agreements
Design and construction is a highly complex endeavor guided by a universal goal: build the best, at the minimal cost, in the shortest time. Urban Muse understands and achieves this dynamic with our focused leadership, strategy and business relationships. We employ a hands-on management approach that ensures the quality and vision of each project, without compromising its budget or schedule.
3 Schematic Design Process
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Begin Design Process
  • Public Sector Outreach
  • Site Analysis
  • Programing Bubble Diagram
  • Massing / Layout Diagrams
  • Order of Magnitude Pricing for Construction
  • Develop Sustainability Goals / Objectives
  • Restate / Confirm Goals With Market Input
  • Confirm / Adjust Project Schedule
4 Design Development Process
  • Refine / Develop Project Theme
  • Formalize Plans / Elevations / Sections
  • Select Materials / Textures / Patterns / Palettes / Mock-ups
  • Develop Construction System – Structural System
  • Develop Market Study / Marketing Plan
  • Finalize Code Analysis / Zoning/Permitting Approach
  • Initiate LEED / Sustainability Analysis
  • Develop Construction Cost Estimate With Schedule / Value Add Recommendation / Allowances / Saving / Critical Path & Long Lead Item Identification
  • Review Milestone Objectives / Schedule
  • Urban Muse Internal Review / Redline of Drawings
  • Urban Muse Internal Review of Pricing/Schedule
5 Construction Documentation Process
  • Finalize Architectural / MEP / Structural Drawings for Permit / Bidding
  • Finalize All Associated Specialty Drawings and Specifications
  • Urban Muse to Internally Review All Drawings / Specs Prior to Submittal for Permit / Bidding
  • Contractor / CM Review Prior to Permit/Bidding
  • Upon Agreed Finalization of Documents by All Parties, Permitting & Final Pricing to Proceed
  • Develop Marketing Material / Coordinate with Marketing Plan
  • Review Schedule — Earlier Start / Time Saving Measures / Early Buyout / Phasing
6 Bidding & Permitting Process
  • Submit Drawing for Building Permit and Other Associated Agency Review
  • If Contactor Not Previously Hired, Initiate Bidding / Pricing With Qualified Contractors
  • Review Value Engineering Options
  • Review Schedule / Milestones
  • Review Subcontractors / Qualify
  • Begin Site Clearing/Demolition
7 Construction Process
  • Kick-off Meeting With All Parties – GC / Subs / Consultants / Owner(s)
  • Urban Muse to Provide Project Management / Oversight / Leadership Throughout Construction Process
  • Provide Review of Construction Quality/Fit and Finish to Maintain Highest Standards and Ensure Adherence to Design Intent
  • Coordinate Design Consultant / Coordinate With Finances
  • Control Costs and Mitigate Change Orders / Cost Overruns
  • Review / Maintain Schedule and Milestones
  • Implement Proactive Public Relations Campaign
  • Finalize Marketing Plan and Go to Market
  • Review Schedule of Long Lead Items / Potential Delay Claims / Anticipated Change orders
  • Review Final Punch List
  • Acquire C of O
  • Review Lessons Learned